The Copper Creek property is one contiguous group of patented, unpatented Federal claims and Arizona State Mineral Prospecting Permits totalling approximately 29 square miles. Copper Creek lies within the porphyry copper metallogenic province of the southwestern United States in an area with a long history of copper mines. There are several large adjacent properties that have been or still are major producers of copper. The San Manuel/Kalamazoo deposit lies within 15 miles of the Copper Creek Property. San Manuel was a major underground copper mine until its closure, with production in excess of 50,000 short tons per day.

Copper Creek is located 75 road miles northeast of Tucson and 15 miles northeast of San Manuel. Tucson is a major population center (approximately 700,000 persons) and transportation hub with well developed infrastructure and services to support the surrounding copper mining and processing industry. Access to the property from Tucson is by paved highway for 65 miles to the property road junction, then for 10 miles on gravel roads to the site. A network of ranch and mine roads provide access throughout the property to existing drill sites and the old mine workings.

The area has well developed infrastructure for mining. The closest operating mining complex is the ASARCO Ray mine located near Hayden, 30 miles northwest of Copper Creek on Highway 77. At Hayden, ASARCO operates one of the two copper smelters located in Arizona. The Copper Creek Project has good road and railroad access, access to electrical power and water within a few miles of the property and a skilled labor force in the surrounding area.

The elevation on the property ranges from 3,400 to 4,900 feet above mean sea level in rugged terrain of the eastern Basin and Range physiographic province of southeastern Arizona. The climate varies with elevation, but in general the summers are hot and dry and winters are mild. The area experiences two rain seasons in general, one during the winter months of December to March and a second summer season from July through mid September. The summer rains are typical afternoon thunderstorms that can be locally heavy. A rain gauge maintained on Copper Creek since 1987 has recorded annual rain amounts ranging from 8.94 to 24.7 inches with an average close to 13 inches per year. Occasional light snow falls at higher elevations in the winter months. Exploration programs and mining operate year around in the region.